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Implement a Procurement environment focused solely on enabling business strategy



Target Operating Model

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Operating model assessment starts with a review of client challenges, ambition and current environment. Everything is build upon the foundations of business strategy, ensuring Procurement acts as a true enabler to strategy execution and business growth. Whilst every operating model differs, we use best in class tools centred around people, process and technology


Spend Analytics

Our spend analytics offering starts and ends with data. We focus on cleansing and analysing all third party spend using state of the art AI analytics technology. We clean mass data taken from multiple sources to enable the client to visualise and understand their spend, often for the first time. Once the data is clean we analyse and benchmark cost information to identify project savings initiatives

Our spend analytics offering spans 6 weeks and delivers the following key activities:

  • Extraction, data cleanse and re-categorisation that results in a clear view of your third party spend across all spend categories

  • Data benchmarking and analysis to identify key sourcing programmes in the form of a wave plan

  • Project charters of savings opportunties that includes spend total, savings estimation, negotiation levers and project strategy

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Category Strategy


Our experts are specialised in particular categories across indirect and direct procurement. We design tailored strategies that focus on bringing market insights to drive innovation and business differentiation. This is enabled via our ecosystem that allows clients to leverage world class technology