Our key core values are:

  • We have fun. We support each other, work collaboratively and focus on enjoying our work

  • We empower staff to make decisions and resolve problems. A company that constantly needs to escalate is one that does not empower or trust its staff.

  • We care about customers, the community and our staff.

  • Encourage creativity, there’s no ‘bad idea’. Employees can spend time each week on their own projects related to what we do, including charitable work they wish to get involved in.

  • We create a work environment with balance. We invest in the mental and physical health of employees. Our aim is for employees to look forward to Monday and see a work/life balance as a life/life balance, enjoying time spent at work.

  • Quality and attention to detail in our products, the small things matter. We continuously look for ways to add value for the customer.

  • Openness and transparency, we confront the brutal facts whether they are internal or external. We believe the right decision cannot be made when a company does not fully understand the problem or opportunity. We will always make an effort to be fully open with each other.